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Everyone wants success in career, relationships, finances and life. You want your best life. We all do.

The question is how do we achieve it? What If You Were To Discover The Keys To Unlock Your Success and Live Your Best Life?

These six sessions provide principles, practical tools and personal stories from Mark Hemingway, author of the book, UNLOCK YOUR SUCCESS. He shows you how these principles can work in real life - your life.

Take a deep dive with Mark and take positive action to create your best life.  It's all about your success. 

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Testimonials for the "Unlock Your Success" course

Mai N. from Vietnam

"Thank you for your sharing.  The formula of achievement is really motivated and meaningful.  It encourages me a lot.".

Susan L. from Australia

"Thank you, Mark, for many wonderful lessons.  I am looking forward to the future courses.  Thank you." 

Christina M. from the USA

"I have only Saturday off, and I look forward seeing you online every Saturday.  I can watch you morning and evening."

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Meet Your Instructor:
Mark Hemingway

Positive Influence is Mark's Life Slogan. Your best life is what you want whether it’s career, family, social, spiritual, health or finances.  He wants that for you, too.

Mark loves people and has a passion to be a positive influence wherever he goes. With degrees in Business Administration and Hospital Administration, most of Mark’s business career was in leadership related to senior living. He recently retired as VP of Marketing for a publicly traded health care REIT that owns approximately 225 seniors housing and care communities throughout the United States. As President, one of the founders and serving on the board of Southeast Asia Healthcare Partners, Inc., he has made well over 20 visits to Vietnam. That role and as an Executive Director for the John Maxwell Team has given him opportunities to speak to universities, businesses, conferences, hospitals and churches in the USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, Hong Kong and China.

Mark and his wife Paula live in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. They have six adult children and fifteen grandchildren.

Mark is the author of the "Unlock" book series.

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Our mission is to give people of all backgrounds access to the key principles in the Unlock Your Success that they can used to live their best lives. 

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Testimonials for the "Unlock Your Success" book

Sue F.

"The author goes beyond simply providing the keys to success; he illustrates them with real-life stories. This book is a quick read that inspires immediate application. You'll feel like you spent one on one time with a life coach and have a clear focus of how to live your best life."


 "I've just finished my second reading of this book. I read it several months ago, and its pages are well worn from referencing points within. I really appreciate that this book is practical and concise. It is also very well organized, so that it is easy to find what you're looking for if you need to reference something. Thanks to the author for a much needed encouragement! I give it 5 stars!"

M. Livers

"This book is not only filled with inspirational stories, but also practical advice. A short read that packs a punch-inviting you to make your own steps toward success."

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  • Access to¬†6¬†Deep-dive Sessions of Unlock Your Success
  • Step-By-Step Action Worksheet for Each Session
  • Self-Paced and Accessible from Any Device
  • Certificate of Completion¬†
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I recorded these sessions personally to encourage You and because I want to be part of Your Success Journey. These videos are not about theories and statistics. They are about real life and I’m confident that when you apply the principles we discuss, you will have a more successful life. The videos are really a discussion between the two of us. Simply put, the discussion has a purpose – Your Best Life.

Your friend,

Mark Hemingway


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