Happy Mother Day!

May 09, 2022

Happy Mother Day to all the wonderful moms, and especially to the working mothers out there!

To those of us who are working mothers, the struggles are real.  So often, we feel guilty for missing our kids’ school event or maybe even their birthday because of a work obligation. So often, we feel guilty for rushing off exactly at 5 p.m. to pick up our children from the day care while our colleagues are still working at their desks.

Today, as I celebrated Mother Day with my family, I reflected on my first Mother Day as a mother and choked up. My son, who is probably the most sensitive person in our family, detected changes in my voice and asked, “what’s wrong, mom?” I responded “Nothing, son.” But, immediately after, I decided to tell him the truth and used this as a teaching moment. I told my children of my first Mother Day as a mother.

"Many years ago, after giving birth to our first child, being inexperienced, I didn't...

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Retreating Before Charging

Jan 16, 2021

Comedienne Lily Tomlin said, “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat.” This week a friend reached out and asked about how to figure out what he was good at, how to do what he loves and how to find and live his purpose. Don’t we all want to find the more to life we sense that’s out there somewhere? We live in a metropolitan area of over seven million people. It’s easy to get caught up in the “rat race.” There are commute times, taking kids places, work pressures, financial pressures, relationships at work, at home, with friends. The list could go on and on. We’re so busy we go, go, go and don’t have time to think. Or do we?

Sometimes we need to hit the stop or pause button. Several years ago I took three days to just get alone. I rode my motorcycle to the mountains of New Mexico and stayed in a place where I didn’t know a soul but could spend time praying, reading (as a Christian, my...

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Live Like A Champion

Dec 26, 2020

Yesterday morning, shortly after waking up and before my first cup of coffee, I was listening to a program on my smartphone. Through my groggy, foggy, just got up mind, the speaker got my attention when he said, “Train like a champion!” He was talking about athletic performance and we frequently equate champions with athletes.

But what about us? Most of us won’t be athletic champions or even aspire to be. However, the same principles of being an athletic champion can be applied to our lives. Champion leader, champion teacher, champion entrepreneur, champion engineer, champion parent, champion spouse, champion, champion, champion. You get the picture. Champion You!

Let’s look at some of the transferable principles of champions that we can apply.

  • Coaching
  • Discipline/Daily Schedule
  • Training
  • Practice
  • Equipment/Tools
  • Lead by example
  • Network/Friends
  • Extra Effort
  • Improvement/Growth
  • Perseverance

Now, just to prompt our thinking on transferring these concepts from...

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Thankful For The Glass

Nov 26, 2020

Two of our children, Jessica and Daniel, are cancer survivors. When a person survives cancer it gives them a unique perspective on life others don’t have. Daniel started chemotherapy the day after his 29th birthday. Three weeks later our son who has been working out in the gym since eighth grade and had been the picture of health, had lost over 20 pounds / 10 kilograms. The chemo stole his weight, his hair and his strength.

You’ve heard the definitions of optimists and pessimists when they look at a glass of water. The optimist views the glass as half full and the pessimist looking at the same glass of water looks at it as half empty. They see the same glass, but have opposite views. Daniel explains the water glass differently. He says when you survive cancer you are thankful just to have the glass. As long as we have the glass (life) we have hope and something to be thankful for. Everyone reading this has the glass. Life circumstances (the water level) ebb and flow,...

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Overcoming Scars

Oct 29, 2020

 Cheryl’s face is scarred by a rare condition. She’s been to numerous physicians and two Mayo Clinics to no avail. The scarring on her face continues. No one is bothered by Cheryl’s scars, not even Cheryl anymore. I met her at the beach last week. She’s an avid stand up paddle-boarder (SUP) and SUP instructor. I’m a beginner. Seeing my obvious need for instruction she told me three things to do and had me standing up and paddling with confidence in a few short minutes, praising my improved technique.

Over the course of our stay at the beach we visited with Cheryl and she shared her overcoming journey. She transitioned from being extremely sensitive and self-conscious about her face to acceptance and not letting it stop her from pursuing what she wants to do. It was easy to observe that she’s passionate about helping others enjoy the pleasures and fitness benefits of SUPing. Her enthusiasm and passion for helping others is contagious and at...

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A few tips to help us feel well and be well

Oct 20, 2020

This pandemic has been hard on all of us. Everywhere we turn to, from browsing our Facebook feed to turning on the news, it is full of sad, scary, and unsettling news. Yesterday, I read a post from a teacher who taught both of my kids; she shared that she couldn’t stop crying the whole day. It has been extremely hard for her not being able to teach her students face to face. She has been teaching for more than 30 years and has been one of the most dedicated teachers I ever met. My heart broke for her.

Today, I listened to a podcast, in which they interviewed the owner of Savannah Bananas baseball team. He shared how the pandemic affected his business – a business that is totally dependent on in-person events, and what he did to thrive during this time of uncertainties. Here are a few things that stood out to me.

1. First, he told his employees that they were in this together. He would sell his house first before he had to lay off anyone. He wanted everyone to shift their...

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Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul

Sep 19, 2020

Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul” – John Maxwell

Our mentor and friend, John Maxwell, recently said, “Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul.”  This affirms that like our physical body needs oxygen to survive, our soul needs encouragement to thrive.  Ask anyone if they need encouragement, and they will reply “Yes.”  You need encouragement.  I need encouragement.  We all need encouragement.  So why is encouragement so important to us?

Encouragement empowers us to keep trying until we succeed.  Imagine a baby trying to walk – as she takes one or two steps and falls down, her parents clap and cheer.  She looks up beaming and tries again.  Every time she tries the parents cheer. You know the rest - two steps become three, then four and soon the parents are proudly posting progress videos all over Facebook.

In his book “Slight Edge”, Jeff Olson says we grow up hearing the word...

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