"A coach brings out the best in others, helping them to reach deep down inside and discover their potential."
- John C. Maxwell

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We founded The Encourage Team to empower you to thrive as leader and create lasting results. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our services, we would love to hear your feedback. We are committed to surpassing your expectations. Should you choose to request a refund within 30 days of payment, we will gladly reimburse you in full. Your peace of mind and trust in us as you invest in your future are of utmost importance to us.

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Coaching is effective with our straightforward proven 4-step process.

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Individual Coaching¬†‚Äď one on one private and confidential coaching

When our coach is working with you one-on-one, the highest objective is to help you reach your purpose, vision and goals by working through John Maxwell's programs specific to your needs. Together, the coach and you will create a strategic, powerful plan for you to gain clarity through a weekly process including, interaction and accountability.

What are you doing to invest in yourself?

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The road to success is not meant to be traveled alone.

Our coaching involves the ability to understand you:¬†to think how you think, and understand your perspective. From this benchmark, the coach will place another perspective on top of yours ‚Äď stretching and growing you to gently see a more empowering way.

As certified John Maxwell coaches, we can see what you are going through now and what is up ahead. Coaching is foreseeing, paving the way, coming alongside you while helping you achieve goals and overcome limiting paradigms.

Take your performance and your life to the next level when you invest in personal coaching. Unlock your potential, increase self-awareness and confidence, as you focus on achieving your goals and dreams.

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Who Are Your Coaches?

Following the discovery session, if it is determined that coaching is the best course of action for you, we will collaboratively select the ideal coach for your needs. THE ENCOURAGE TEAM presently has two certified John Maxwell coaches with extensive real-world professional experience, fully equipped to help you.

Mark Hemingway

As an Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team and the co-founder of The Encourage Team, Mark has made "Positive Influence" his life slogan. He is passionate about helping individuals and groups achieve their best lives, whether in their careers, families, social lives, spiritual journeys, health, or finances. Certified to facilitate, speak, train, and coach in the areas of leadership development, professional skills, and personal growth, Mark has received training and mentorship from John Maxwell and his esteemed faculty, providing him with the tools and experience to enhance productivity, performance, and profitability for individuals and teams.

Before joining The John Maxwell Team, Mark served as the Vice President of Marketing for a publicly traded health care real estate investment firm, REIT, and played a pivotal role in the founding and governance of Southeast Asia Healthcare Partners, Inc. His involvement has taken him and others to Vietnam and various Southeast Asian countries, where they have worked to improve the lives of the elderly, orphans, and students by providing leadership training and support. With a wealth of experience in business, healthcare, multicultural settings, and regulatory environments, Mark is dedicated to elevating individuals and teams to new heights.

Mark believes in leaving a positive impact on the world and is committed to helping others increase their influence as leaders. Whether you are seeking a facilitator for workshops, corporate training, or a speaker for your next event, Mark has exclusive content available only to certified Executive Directors of the John Maxwell Team, ensuring that you reach your goals and objectives effectively.

Author: https://www.amazon.com/author/markhemingway

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Thanh Nguyen, MEEE, PE, MBA

Thanh was originally from Vietnam but later immigrated to the United States during her teenage years. During this time, she faced financial struggles, language barriers and even abuse from her caretaker.

However, after several decades, Thanh achieved two graduate degrees, one in Electrical Engineering and the other in Business Administration. She holds two United States patents, and also gained over twenty years of experience in corporate America. She served as the Vice President of Engineering at a prominent Engineering Procurement Construction firm before co-founding her own company.

As a certified coach, teacher, and speaker of John Maxwell Leadership Team, as well as a long-time practitioner of mindfulness, Thanh strongly believes in the power of the right mindset and support system to overcome challenges and make a positive impact. Thanh is passionate about helping individuals thrive by sharing stories and techniques that foster a positive mindset and inspire courageous actions.

Thanh co-founded The Encourage Team to offer leadership and personal development, empowering people to live positively and lead courageously.

Connect with Thanh and embark on this journey of reflection, self-discovery, and accelerated growth.

Author: https://www.amazon.com/author/thanhnguyen 

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