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Take a moment to notice the wonderful things around you. As you practice noticing the wonders around and say thanks for all the good things in your life, you rewire your brain to see more wonderful things in the world. As if magical, whatever you pay attention to comes back to you. As a result, this simple practice of writing down three things you are grateful for everyday brings more blessings and positive opportunities into your life.

This 31-days gratitude challenge journal includes beautiful pictures, motivational quotes, and spaces for you to write down three grateful things each day to help you build a new positive habit. Make today the day you change your thoughts and change your life.

Build a new habit of gratitude and change your life.

Fill in the form below to receive the e-book "31-days gratitude challenge" and experience the power of gratitude.

Many years ago, I was a miserable person. Everything was going wrong in my life. My husband and I fought daily. At work, I was failing, and my boss thought I was not good enough. I always had the feeling that everyone was scheming against me. Moreover, I was angry at myself and felt insecure at the same time. Nothing about me, about my life, or about anything around me seemed to go well. One thing after another, bad luck kept coming. Everything seemed to be falling apart.

I met Tom Jones at an event where he was a keynote speaker. Tom shared the story of how he went from being a drug addict to living a happy and successful life. I decided to approach him after his speech, and asked for his guidance.  

After listening to me talk for 2 hours, Tom asked me: "do you have anything in your life that you are grateful for?" I thought about it for a while, and I couldn't name even one thing.

Tom said if I wanted him to mentor me, I had to commit sending him 3 things I'm grateful for everyday for the next 30 days. Initially, I couldn't think of anything to send to Tom. So, everyday, I typed the same three things: "the air I breathe, the water I drink, and the food I eat." Patiently, Tom didn't say anything, and kept reminding me to send him my daily gratitude list if I forgot.  

Miraculously, after 2 weeks into the process, my thought seemed to change, and I started noticing more things to be grateful for. My list began to include more things.  

By the end of the 30-days period, my mind picked up on so many different things to be grateful for. I became appreciative of my husband, of the people around me, of my work, and every little thing. I said "thank you" to God whenever I noticed anything good, and I said "thank you" to everyone who helped me directly or indirectly.  

Fast forward, I have become happier, more joyful, and my life has undergone lots of positive transformations. The simple practice of writing down 3 things I am grateful for everyday has changed my life.  

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Change Your Thoughts. Change Your Life.