Hey there! I'm Thanh.

Ready to be encouraged and empowered to excel in life? Then, you're in the right place. 

Hey there! I'm Thanh.

Ready to be encouraged and empowered to excel in life? Then you're in the right place. 

My name is Thanh Nguyen, an author, speaker, and coach. 

I was originally from Vietnam but later immigrated to the United States during my teenage years. During this time, I faced financial struggles, language barriers, and even abuse from my caretaker.

Despite the adversity, I achieved two master's degrees, one in Electrical Engineering and the other in Business Administration. I hold two United States patents and have gained over twenty years of experience in corporate America. I served as Vice President of Engineering at a prominent Engineering Procurement Construction firm before co-founding my own company.

As a certified coach, teacher, and speaker of the John Maxwell Leadership Team, as well as a long-time practitioner of mindfulness, I strongly believe in the power of the right mindset and support system to overcome challenges and make a positive impact. I am passionate about helping individuals thrive by sharing stories and techniques that foster a positive mindset and inspire courageous actions.

I co-founded The Encourage Team to offer leadership and personal development, empowering people to live positively and lead courageously.

Connect with me and embark on this journey of reflection, self-discovery, and accelerated growth.


My Books

Calm in Chaos: Mindfulness and Meditation for Busy Professionals

Unlock the power of mindfulness to navigate the storm of modern life and emerge stronger than ever.

In the fast-paced world of modern professionals, finding peace and balance can seem impossible. 
Calm in Chaos: Mindfulness and Meditation for Busy Professionals is your essential guide to integrating mindfulness into your daily routine, even amidst the most demanding schedules. Discover practical techniques and insightful wisdom designed to help you stay centered, focused, and resilient.

Explore the scientific benefits of mindfulness, learn effective meditation practices, and find ways to love what you do while shining as a positive force in the world. From handling difficult people to embracing open-mindedness and nonattachment, each chapter provides actionable steps to transform your professional and personal life.

Inside Calm in Chaos readers will find:

  • Practical meditation techniques to cultivate focus and emotional resilience
  • Insights on how to love what you do and find fulfillment in your professional life
  • Strategies for being a positive influence in your workplace and beyond
  • Guidance on leading with open-mindedness and nonattachment in the face of challenges
  • Techniques for handling difficult people and navigating conflict gracefully
  • Practices for self-love and self-care to maintain balance and well-being
  • Strategies for thriving in adversity and finding growth beyond challenges
  • Tools for focusing on the bigger picture and maintaining perspective
  • Practices for cultivating positivity and resilience in the face of setbacks
  • Guidance on navigating the aftermath of job loss and finding new opportunities for growth
  • And much more

Whether you're facing adversity, navigating job loss, or simply seeking a deeper sense of purpose, Calm in Chaos offers the tools you need to thrive.

Are you ready to break free from the cycle of chaos and reclaim control over your life? Get your copy today and begin your journey towards a more mindful, fulfilling life.

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My Journals

Change Your Thoughts.  Change Your Life.

31-days gratitude challenge.

This 31-days gratitude challenge journal includes beautiful pictures, motivational quotes, and spaces for you to write down three grateful things each day to help you build a new positive habit. 

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Change Your Thoughts.  Change Your Life.

1-Year Gratitude Journal.

This 1-year gratitude journal will help you cultivate an attitude of gratitude and practice it daily until it becomes a habit. Each week, there is an inspirational quote about gratitude, set on a beautiful background, and space to write 3 things you are grateful for everyday of the week. When you open the book, you will have the entire week in front of you, spreading across two pages that face each other. As you make it a daily practice to write down 3 things you are grateful for everyday, you will see positive shifts in your life. When we change our thoughts, we change our life.

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One-Year Gratitude Journal

You are about to embark on a meaningful journey. As you see most of the writing in this book will be done by you. The 52 verses will prompt you, but in the end this will be your book. After decades of practicing positive leadership and personal growth, we know that focusing on having an attitude of gratitude by writing daily three things you are thankful for will encourage you. Our desire is that meditation on these 52 verses will inspire you and deepen your relationship with God. Ultimately, we hope this contributes to you living a life of success, and more than that, a life of significance. 

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